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Delivering Deliciousness Across India

Experience the irresistible taste of Smaakoz’s gourmet smoked meats, pickles, and processed items. We use only the finest ingredients and traditional methods to create unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Order online and get your Smaakoz fix delivered straight to your doorstep, anywhere in India!

We are Smaakoz

At Smaakoz, we take pride in offering an enticing array of culinary delights that showcase the vibrant flavors of Assam. Our menu features an exquisite selection of smoked meats, including tender Smoked Pork and succulent Smoked Chicken, each meticulously prepared to perfection. For those craving a tangy twist, our Pork Pickle and Chicken Pickle are a delightful addition, bursting with zesty flavors and traditional spices. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, Smaakoz invites you to savor the essence of Assamese cuisine, delivered straight to your doorstep.

More Than Just a Pickle​

Discover the essence of Assamese culinary tradition with Smaakoz’s signature smoked delights. Crafted with care and expertise, our smoked pork and smoked chicken offer a tantalizing fusion of traditional flavors and modern innovation. Elevate your dining experience with Smaakoz and taste the richness of North East India in every bite.

Unveil the irresistible allure of Assamese cuisine with Smaakoz’s smoked pork and chicken. Delight your senses with the perfect harmony of authentic flavors and contemporary flair. Experience culinary excellence redefined, exclusively with Smaakoz.

Discover the Smaakoz Difference

Experience the essence of Assam with Smaakoz. Our premium smoked meats embody authenticity, crafted with the finest ingredients and time-honored techniques. Delight in rich, traditional flavors, enhanced by expert craftsmanship and modern innovation. Savor the unique fusion of heritage and excellence, exclusively with Smaakoz.

Authentic Assamese Flavors

Premium Quality Ingredients

Expert Craftsmanship

Modern Innovation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smaakoz is a premium brand specializing in authentic Assamese smoked meats, pickles, and processed items, delivering a taste of Assam’s culinary heritage.
Our products are available for delivery pan India, ensuring that customers nationwide can enjoy the flavors of Assam from the comfort of their homes.
Smaakoz products stand out for their authenticity, premium quality ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and a perfect balance of traditional flavors with modern innovation.
Our smoked meats are meticulously prepared using traditional techniques, ensuring tender, flavorful results. We prioritize quality at every step, from ingredient selection to the smoking process.
While our focus is on smoked meats, we also offer a range of pickles and processed items that cater to vegetarian preferences.
Ordering Smaakoz products is easy! Simply visit our website, browse our selection, and place your order online. We offer secure payment options and prompt delivery services.
Our products are carefully packaged to ensure freshness and have a generous shelf life. Specific shelf life information is provided with each product.
While our products are not specifically tailored to dietary restrictions, we strive to accommodate various preferences. Please check individual product descriptions for specific information.
Yes, we offer bulk ordering and wholesale options for businesses and events. Please contact us directly for inquiries regarding bulk purchases and wholesale pricing.
For any questions, concerns, or feedback, our customer service team is here to assist you. Reach out to us via email, phone, or through our website’s contact form, and we’ll be happy to help.

About Us

Assam is one of the most picturesque states in North East India. Even Assamese food reflects the Region’s deep connection with nature. To narrate the journey of SMAAKOZ, we have to start from Xodiya. We went to Xodiya because we had a strong desire to travel.

According to acquaintances, an Ahom family took charge of our entertainment. We were very impressed by their hospitality, and with the dishes they prepared. Especially preserved smoked Aari fish, small fish, and meat. We witnessed how these items were smoked and dried in a sieve over the fire. They also treated us to various traditional Assamese dishes. We tasted them with great satisfaction. From Xodiya to Guwahati, the only topic of our discussion was smoked fish and smoked meat.

Gradually we started doing some research on this. We spoke to many experienced people. Finally, we decided to make this dish with some modernization, since the North East has a high number of non-vegetarians, especially meat. We received training at ICAR in Hyderabad. The Smaakoz came up with two products, smoked pork and smoked chicken.

SMAAKOZ products captured the market in a very short duration of time. Now you can also taste these delicious items.